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How AI Will Change the Future

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There is no doubt that Narrow AI is making a huge impact in many sectors. There is some unease about the rapid development of AI because it is changing the job market so quickly, but there may also be some distinct advantages that people haven’t thought of yet. Here are just some of the ways that AI might change our future.

  1. Health

It is no surprise that health care is one of the biggest drains on any economy, but developments in AI can change all of that for the better.

Imagine a scenario in which every hospital has installed an AI that has been trained through deep learning to be able to recognize the early signs of malignant tumors or cancerous cells. Imagine if it could diagnose a patient even before a human doctor could, based on input from their health records, lifestyle choices, and other examples of disease progression from millions of others.

Diagnosing diseases early would not only save more lives, but it would also take the strain off the healthcare system.

  1. Jobs

There is no doubt that AI is already having a huge impact on the job market. It is thought that the next decade will see some traditional jobs become obsolete for humans because AI will be able to perform them. For example, Narrow AI can certainly take on the role of an Accountant. Likewise, AI can already answer simple legal questions.

The real question is not whether it will impact jobs, but what will happen to people who need jobs? In the best case scenario, AI will take over many lower skilled jobs and leave people to work in creative fields and higher skilled positions. This may create a more content and happier workforce.


AI is already with us and is being applied every day in a wide range of areas. Every time we browse the web, for example, we are interacting with low level Narrow AIs and feeding them more information about our browsing behavior. In this sense, AI will continue to have a big impact.

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