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How to Be a More Effective Communicator in Your Business

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Communication is a two-way street, and it involves both speaking and listening. Listening is not limited to hearing the words spoken by another person, but it involves reading body language, tone, and expression as well. To become a more effective communicator, it is important to learn how to listen, read your colleague’s reactions, and acknowledge his or her point of view.

Follow up Conversations with a Note

If you follow up a conversation or meeting with a note, it is possible to acknowledge the other party and restate your point at the same time. Men tend to focus on paraphrasing the conversation, while women often pick up on the emotional context of what was said. 

A man can follow up a meeting with a note that acknowledges the feelings of frustration, enthusiasm, or anything else, and then he can recap what was said. A woman, on the other hand, can express the emotional context and then recap the content. This ensures that all parties feel heard, and communication is improved.

Express Your Feelings

Expressing your feelings in a meeting helps to make the conversation more genuine and authentic. When a person states only the cold, hard facts, he or she appears distant and robotic. Acknowledge that you are excited about a new idea, and listen to how your colleagues feel. Being open with one another will build trust and lead to improved communication.

Include Everyone

When you are in a meeting, be sure to include everyone in the conversation. If you single out one or two people, others may feel left out or insignificant. In discussing a project or tasks, ask for feedback. Try to allow everyone to shine during the meeting. Not only will your colleagues understand what was discussed, but they will feel valuable and walk away more motivated to get the job done.

Poor communication can quickly cause people to feel unimportant or frustrated, and this leads to insecurity and decreased job productivity. Use these tips to be a more effective communicator in your business.

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