How to Build a Modern Digital Office Space That You Will Love

There was a time when a new worker required a desk, a computer, an expensive phone, and four walls. That time is gone. Whether you hire contracted freelancers or host remote workers at your company, today’s digital environment makes it possible to eschew the usual trappings of office life for a far more digital, remoteContinue reading “How to Build a Modern Digital Office Space That You Will Love”

No More Lost Leads: How to Capture and Keep Potential Leads

How many leads did you lose last month? Trick question. It’s hard to tell the opportunity cost when those leads never went your way to begin with. But there is a type of lead that companies too often ignore: the potential leads that for some never became full-blown leads for your company. This can happenContinue reading “No More Lost Leads: How to Capture and Keep Potential Leads”

How to De-Clutter Your Business Life

Clutter comes in many forms. It’s tempting to look at the pile of papers on your desk and view that as the only clutter weighing you down—but chances are, it’s the least of your problems. Anyone who runs a business knows that clutter can be more substantial than that, including: An email inbox with hundredsContinue reading “How to De-Clutter Your Business Life”

A Step-By-Step Guide to Catching Up On Your Bookkeeping

Tax season is coming—it’s inevitable. Getting your books tax-ready ensures you’re compliant with the IRS recordkeeping requirements, meaning no late fees, no surprises, and a successful tax return that won’t cost you extra time later on (we know you’re busy).  Bench was started so you wouldn’t have to do your own catch up bookkeeping. ButContinue reading “A Step-By-Step Guide to Catching Up On Your Bookkeeping”

Easy Guide to a Painless Tax Season

Do the words “tax season” make you shudder? You’re not alone. Over half of US adults say tax season stresses them out. And when you run your own business, your tax time heebie jeebies are bound to be even more severe.  Tax season is faster and easier when your bookkeeping is organized. And our partnersContinue reading “Easy Guide to a Painless Tax Season”

How to Take Care of Bookkeeping Efficiently

Spreadsheet fatigue, checking account strain, chronic bouts of “Now, where did I put that receipt?” All symptoms of inefficient bookkeeping. If small business finances are eating up hours and stressing you out, it’s time for a change. Here’s how to handle bookkeeping in the most efficient way possible — so you spend less time crunching numbers,Continue reading “How to Take Care of Bookkeeping Efficiently”

Building a Voicemail Funnel System for Filtering Out Junk

You’re an hour into deeply intense work at your business—virtually a work-induced coma of concentration—when suddenly your phone buzzes. You’re tempted to leave it be, but the damage of distraction is already done. Maybe it’s an important client. Maybe it’s a family member. Maybe you’ve won the lottery. You take it out of your pocket,Continue reading “Building a Voicemail Funnel System for Filtering Out Junk”

How to Improve Communications with a Mobile Workforce

Not all teams huddle up before every play. If you have a mobile workforce—with a remote team across multiple time zones and contractors handling remote work—the idea of executing a singular strategy can seem like a pipe dream. But it’s possible to improve communications with your mobile workforce in such a way that you all operate as a single team—noContinue reading “How to Improve Communications with a Mobile Workforce”

6 Ways To Incorporate SEO While Building A Business in 2020

There’s no quick fix, or “one and done” solution when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). You have to be prepared to play the long game to see the full advantages of SEO when developing a site — and it’s worth it to see your site rank highly on search engine result pages. ThatContinue reading “6 Ways To Incorporate SEO While Building A Business in 2020”

5 Lessons for Building a Larger Professional Network

In the age of digital nomads, freelance enterprise, and the gig economy, it can be difficult to build a professional network the traditional way. But you don’t have to let that limit you. Today’s technology may seem like it gets in the way of fostering genuine connections, but the opposite is often true. If youContinue reading “5 Lessons for Building a Larger Professional Network”

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