Top 7 Small Business Trends for 2020

2020 is almost here, which means that now’s the time to start thinking about capitalizing on the top trends for small business owners. Before you get ready for the year’s end, it’s the perfect time for a refresher on what’s happened in 2019—and where the winds of change are blowing for 2020: Trend #1: AutomationContinue reading “Top 7 Small Business Trends for 2020”

The Employer’s Guide to Giving Holiday Bonuses

The holiday bonus can feel a bit like a double-edged sword for employers: if you give away too little, your employees might not be happy with you. If you give too much, you won’t have quite as much left over to invest back into the company that keeps them all employed. It seems like aContinue reading “The Employer’s Guide to Giving Holiday Bonuses”

How To Implement Video Marketing as a Small Business

Videos are gaining more and more popularity in the world of online marketing. After all, they improve engagement, search engine ranking, brand loyalty, and so much more. So while it may seem like a no-brainer to start implementing a video marketing strategy, it’s not easy, especially for small businesses. Enterprises and big brands can easilyContinue reading “How To Implement Video Marketing as a Small Business”

The Best POS Systems: Our Favorites for Small Businesses

It’s the most exciting point in any small business owner’s life: making the sale. But if you don’t manage your Point-of-Sale (POS) system properly, it can quickly turn into something that’s overwhelming, inconvenient for the customer, and ultimately, a way to drive away business. Modern retail is increasingly mobile and utilizes more payment options than ever before. The proliferation of contactless payment options, like Apple & Amazon Pay,Continue reading “The Best POS Systems: Our Favorites for Small Businesses”

How Your Small Business Can Give Back to the Community

Anyone can give up something if they expect something else in return. It’s when you give without the expectation of receiving anything in return that you really feel the value of charitable donations. That’s true for small businesses, many of whom owe their very existence to the support of the community that surrounds them. ButContinue reading “How Your Small Business Can Give Back to the Community”

7 Strategies to Make Your Small Business Seem a Lot Bigger

Small businesses often have a tough time marketing themselves as an attractive alternative to their larger competitors; consumers often assume large companies are more affordable and offer better quality (in service or products). This means that if you’re a company with just a handful of employees, you could lose out on lucrative opportunities by divulgingContinue reading “7 Strategies to Make Your Small Business Seem a Lot Bigger”

What They Don’t Tell You About Starting a Business

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we’re celebrating small business owners all month! And not only current small business owners, but those that are up-and-coming as well. Have you been wanting to start a small business for awhile? Do you have an idea in place, but haven’t quite taken the plunge?  Well, we’re here toContinue reading “What They Don’t Tell You About Starting a Business”

How to Use Grasshopper’s Instant Response Feature to Follow Up with Prospects

Never Miss an Opportunity With Grasshopper’s Instant Response Feature We live in the age of instant gratification. If your business can’t provide that, you’re already behind. That’s what HubSpot found when they performed a survey on consumers: not only did consumers want fast service if they were interested in buying from you, but if they’veContinue reading “How to Use Grasshopper’s Instant Response Feature to Follow Up with Prospects”

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