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Myths That Most People Believe About Cloud Storage

Although many people are using cloud storage, they are unaware of the benefits that it provides. Simply put, cloud storage is a service where data is maintained, managed, and backed up remotely. Businesses often have preconceived ideas about cloud storage that are founded in myth.

Myths About Migrating to the Cloud

  • It’s too complicated. Although there is a lot of data to upload when a company first migrates, cloud technology is efficient, and cloud providers have technicians who will help with the migration.
  • It has to be all or nothing. In fact, many companies begin with a single area and build over time. Businesses can custom-tailor the plan that works best for them within their budget.
  • Cloud services are only for large companies. Smaller businesses benefit significantly from cloud services because they do not need to power and maintain their own data servers. The reality is that cloud service is advantageous for businesses of any size.

Myths About Security in the Cloud

  • Security is compromised. Data and file security is a huge concern for any business. Firewalls and encryption often come as a standard part of cloud service, and files are maintained remotely by the business itself.
  • The cloud is maintained for you. The cloud service center typically maintains the hardware, but businesses manage their own data.
  • Everything uploaded is public. There are different domains for cloud services. Businesses need to choose whether to store applications on a public server or a private server.

Other Myths About the Cloud

  • It is difficult to save money using the cloud. Costs can be high, but often operating expenses are reduced. An analysis is key to finding savings.
  • The availability of all apps improves on the cloud. This only applies to apps designed specifically for the cloud.
  • The cloud causes job losses and environmental damage. In reality, many jobs are created as cloud-based technologies grow and develop. Energy use decreases as businesses choose to use the cloud rather than using their own in-house data centers.


from Lisa Peternel | Technology


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