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How Data Privacy Is Different Than Data Security

Most companies face the constant battle of trying to prevent data breaches because they understand the harm that comes with it — damage to their reputation, a hurtful effect on their bottom line, and potential damage to their customers as well. But there is one point of confusion that needs clearing up: what is theContinue reading “How Data Privacy Is Different Than Data Security”

How Multi-Factor Authentication Protects Your Data

How many times a day do you login to your bank account using your phone? How secure is your PayPal account?  The truth is that we access more sensitive data than ever before and it needs to be protected. In days gone by a simple password might have been good enough, but these days it’sContinue reading “How Multi-Factor Authentication Protects Your Data”

Choosing the Right Cloud Storage

Dropbox may have been one of the personal Cloud storage pioneers in 2007, but it has since grown to be one of the biggest file storage services in the world. That being said, there are now more free and paid Cloud services than ever before. This can make it hard to choose the right kindContinue reading “Choosing the Right Cloud Storage”

How AI Will Change the Future

There is no doubt that Narrow AI is making a huge impact in many sectors. There is some unease about the rapid development of AI because it is changing the job market so quickly, but there may also be some distinct advantages that people haven’t thought of yet. Here are just some of the waysContinue reading “How AI Will Change the Future”

Understanding the Basics of AI

Artificial Intelligence – or AI – is one of those concepts that has spawned entire genres of film and book, and is sometimes whispered as either the cause of nightmares or the cause of a human utopia. The reality is that AI has been with us as a concept since at least the 1950s, whenContinue reading “Understanding the Basics of AI”

The Benefits of Cloud Storage

The Cloud is still a confusing concept for many people, but the truth is that many people use the Cloud without even knowing it. In fact, many smartphones now include some type of automatic upload of photos and videos to inbuilt Cloud services like Google Drive or iCloud. How Does it Work? One reason thatContinue reading “The Benefits of Cloud Storage”

The Importance of Firewalls

We live in an age of information. Sensitive information, be it customer credit cards or your banking details, can spell trouble if they fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, hackers and malware pose a real threat to the security of information both at home and in the office. This is when a firewall should beContinue reading “The Importance of Firewalls”

Tips to Protect Your Organization From Cyber Attacks

Cyberattacks are a very real threat that your organization needs to be taking seriously. If you do not have the right security plans in place, then you could be caught off guard by one of these attacks. There are specific ways that you can protect your business from cyberattacks if you’re ready to take action.Continue reading “Tips to Protect Your Organization From Cyber Attacks”

What You Need to Know About Data Breaches

Most of the time, data breaches occur when cybercriminals steal names, email addresses, user names, credit cards, and other personal information. These data thieves and hackers attack industries on a daily basis, and security is essential to safeguarding your data. The threat of data breaches is real, and you need to know why they happen,Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Data Breaches”

Myths That Most People Believe About Cloud Storage

Although many people are using cloud storage, they are unaware of the benefits that it provides. Simply put, cloud storage is a service where data is maintained, managed, and backed up remotely. Businesses often have preconceived ideas about cloud storage that are founded in myth. Myths About Migrating to the Cloud It’s too complicated. AlthoughContinue reading “Myths That Most People Believe About Cloud Storage”