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How Data Privacy Is Different Than Data Security

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Most companies face the constant battle of trying to prevent data breaches because they understand the harm that comes with it — damage to their reputation, a hurtful effect on their bottom line, and potential damage to their customers as well.

But there is one point of confusion that needs clearing up: what is the difference between data privacy and data security? We hear these two terms bandied about often but so few of us actually know what they mean.

What Is Data Privacy?

Data privacy means just that: keeping information private and restricted to authorized users. That means that there has to be a balance between a person’s right to privacy as well as how far data security is allowed to go.

A company that records your keystrokes or apps that secretly gather information about you are violating your privacy even if they are protecting your information. Better understanding the process, the ramifications involved, and the necessary procedures to properly handle sensitive data can mean a huge difference when it comes to data privacy.

What Is Data Security?

The unfortunate part of living in a digital world is that there is an increasing number of dubious individuals out there who are trying to improperly access your private information. What they intend to do with that information can vary but rest assured that you do not want your information to fall into the hands of strangers.

Data security is a focus on both the tools and technology that are required to deter cybercriminals from getting their hands on private information such as credit cards, bank accounts, Social Security numbers, and any other personal information that could be potentially valuable to cybercriminals.

There are a litany of different tools that are involved. Things such as identity and access management, data classification, user behavioral analytics (UBA), and permissions management can help IT security professionals protect your information from being stolen or misused.

This level of protection is imperative in an age where information is shared so easily in a digital manner.


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